Sunday morning blogroll: February 20, 2011

Feb 20 2011 Published by under Sunday Morning Blogroll

Welcome, Peculiar Girl readers. Each Sunday morning, I post links to some of my favorite blogs or articles on the Web. I hope you find them as inspiring and interesting as I do. Enjoy!

The Indolent Cook

I adore this vegan recipe blog featuring creative, simple food. I must try the Spicy Spanish-Mexican Black Bean Stew, it looks amazing. Take me there…

The Ms. Education of Shelby Knox

Noted feminist Shelby Knox wrote a terrific post about how Valentine’s Day reinforces gender stereotypes. I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, and neither does she, but this post is good food for thought. Take me there…

Lifting weights and women: Myth about bulk

I love that I’m seeing more women fitness experts write about this. There is so much false fitness information out there. If you are trying to get a lean, strong body, endless cardio will get you nowhere. Lifting weights is the key, and blogger JaneRunner gets it. She dispels the many myths about getting “bulky” in this post. Take me there…

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  • Thanks for the lovely shout-out! While I do have my weaknesses and my blog isn’t all vegan or vegetarian, I do hope it has enough of that to keep you coming back.

    P.S. – I’ve been going through your posts, love your work. :)

    • Cheryl says:

      You’re welcome, and thanks for checking out my blog. I can’t wait to try that black bean stew recipe. It’s on my menu for next week.

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